Drunk Truck Driver Victim Attorney

Drunk Truck Driver Victim Attorney

Drunken driving kills almost 300 Virginia residents in an average year. Around two out of every 100 fatal truck accidents involve truckers who have consumed significant amounts of alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Truckers who engage in drunken driving can easily inflict major injuries and severe damage. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident with a drunk truck driver contact the Virginia drunk driver victim attorneys of Oser Legal today.


If you’ve been harmed by an inebriated motorist, it’s helpful to understand the relevant laws. The government bars truck drivers from drinking alcoholic beverages for four hours before they begin working. Federal law only allows them to carry these drinks in the cargo area. Drivers also face especially strict rules regarding blood alcohol levels.


When a drunken motorist injures you or damages your vehicle, his or her employer may have a legal obligation to compensate you. However, the driver might bear full responsibility if this person uses a commercial vehicle for non-work purposes. Unlike most states, Virginia normally doesn’t allow accident victims to take legal action against bartenders who provide customers with excessive amounts of alcohol. Oser Legal will look at all of the facts of the case and help you help establish liability against the drunk truck driver or their employer.


You may need to prove that a truck driver acted negligently by consuming too many drinks. When a collision occurs, be sure to contact the local police right away. Closely observe the driver while you wait for the authorities to arrive. Watch for signs of inebriation, such as swaying, stumbling or slurred speech.

Inform the police about any drunken behavior that you notice. This will encourage an officer to perform tests and determine if the truck operator has consumed alcohol. Remember to acquire a police report as soon as it becomes available; this official record may provide crucial evidence.

You could benefit from obtaining any photos or video recordings that the responding officer creates. Today’s police cars often feature microphones and video cameras. This equipment might preserve evidence of a truck driver’s intoxication. It may also record verbal statements that will help you determine the accident’s cause.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t only rely on the authorities to gather evidence. Try to take photos of every vehicle that becomes involved in a crash. Record details about the truck, its owner and the driver. Additionally, you ought to collect the contact information for any witnesses

Contact a Drunk Driver Victim Attorney

Attorney Steve Oser helps truck accident victims receive the compensation that they need and deserve. He possesses nearly three decades of legal experience. His work for insurance companies helps him understand how these businesses handle crash-related lawsuits. Oser has offices in Suffolk and Norfolk, Va. To discuss a potential claim, please contact him today.



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