Car Accidents

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Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Virginia can result in devastating and long-reaching effects on victims and their families. People who suffer a motor vehicle crash often face serious injuries, property damage, or the wrongful death of their loved ones. In 2020, 105,600 motor vehicle accidents occurred in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Of those accidents, more than 52,000 people suffered injuries, and approximately 850 fatalities occurred. Many of these car accident victims undoubtedly have suffered unfathomable consequences due to the negligence of motorists. Hiring the right Virginia Car Accident Lawyer is vital to your case results.

Tragically, many of these auto accidents could have been prevented if the person who caused the crash had used safe driving practices or wasn’t otherwise negligent. A  Virginia car accident lawyer can ensure the parties at fault receive consequences for their actions, and the victims of their negligence get justice. Attorney Steven M. Oser is dedicated to helping Virginia car accident victims get the fair treatment they deserve. He understands how insurance companies work and how your insurance works. His compassionate team is skilled at fighting insurance companies who, more often than not, try to take advantage of victims, especially those without legal representation.

For free consultation, contact the Steven M. Oser law firm at (757) 539-4127 to discuss your case. He and his legal team will fight to ensure all of their clients receive fair justice from those who have caused them pain and injury. He’ll also demand fair compensation to be given to the victims he represents.

What Does a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Do?

It seems every week the local news in Suffolk VA reports car accidents occurring practically every day. Sadly, the lives of many of these victims are often forever changed due to drivers not being cautious when operating a motor vehicle. A Virginia car accident lawyer can ensure victims receive the monetary compensation they deserve. Any funds received from a car accident claim can help crash victims pay for medical expenses, ongoing treatment(s), rehabilitation, lost wages, property damage, loss of consortium, and any future medical bills. In certain circumstances where documented proof of pain and suffering can be demonstrated, additional compensation may also be able to be granted to car accident victims.

In Virginia, a car accident attorney can help victims receive compensation to cover the above expenses. The Commonwealth is one of a handful of states where contributory negligence still applies. Harsher than most state laws, and if victims are assigned a small percentage – even just 1% – of the blame for the accident, they cannot recover any money from the other person who was primarily to blame. This doesn’t mean a car accident claim shouldn’t be pursued, but what it does mean is that it’s extremely difficult for victims to win a case without an experienced Virginia auto accident lawyer by their side.

Types Of Cases Personal Injury Lawyer Steven Oser Handles

Injuries can leave victims with long-lasting consequences, including financially devastating medical bills, lost wages, and pain that can affect their lives.

If you suffered an injury caused by someone else, you must seek the legal representation of a qualified personal injury lawyer to fight for the compensation you deserve.

These are a few of the primary practice areas that fall under the umbrella of personal injury:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Steven M. Oser, a Virginia car accident lawyer specializes in all types of motor vehicle accident cases including car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents.

Premises Liability

Several types of cases fall under premises liability law, including:

Harmful materials or chemicals
Slips and falls
Swimming pool accidents
Negligent security
Faulty wiring
Inadequate lighting

Workers’ Compensation

Workers that are injured on the job are entitled to what is called workers’ compensation. This system is essentially insurance held by employers to cover medical costs, lost wages, and disability benefits if the worker is injured. These cases can require a great deal of negotiation with the insurance companies who pay out the compensation on behalf of the employer.

When Should You Get a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer?

Anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Even with Virginia’s strict contributory negligence rule, this should never prevent anyone from speaking with a car accident law firm to help guide them through dealing with auto insurance adjusters, uninsured motorists, and, if applicable, law enforcement.

Many victims of car accidents don’t know what an attorney can do, don’t know what questions to ask, or are worried about the costs of obtaining legal services. None of these should ever be a deterrent. Victims should know other drivers have their insurance companies and legal representation working hard for them; they don’t want to leave themselves without someone standing by their side and fighting for their rights.

It’s also important to keep in mind, even if the other driver appears clearly at fault, their insurance company is going to try to push some of the blame. It’s almost a certainty. Even if they can’t, they’ll often make lowball offers for a quick lump sum settlement to entice victims not to pursue the maximum compensation they are entitled to claim.

Individuals should NEVER admit fault in an accident, even if they think they might be to blame. Other unknown factors, such as distracted driving or drunk driving, may have contributed to the car crash. Also, AT NO TIME speak to another driver’s insurance company without speaking to a skilled automobile accident attorney. They often persuade victims to give recorded statements about the accident and ask specifically framed questions that could suggest partial guilt. Then, they’ll use this as evidence to help their own clients. 

Consulting with an attorney for legal advice early on in the legal process will ensure victims aren’t taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance companies or insurance adjusters. They’ll also ensure everything is documented correctly in case a car accident lawsuit is imminent. 

Ideally, victims should call a Virginia car accident lawyer ASAP.  Results show people injured in car accidents receive two to three times more money than those who do not. Additionally, the other driver’s attorney and insurance company are likely to push lowball offers or blame the victim when they see an individual who doesn’t have legal representation.

What To Do After A Car Accident in Virginia?

When an accident occurs, the first thing to do is check for injuries and ensure everyone is safe. If serious injuries are apparent, someone is non-responsive, off-balance, or worse, call 911 immediately. Next, notify the authorities because, in some circumstances, it’s a crime not to in the Commonwealth of Virginia, especially if there is a fatality.

Additionally, in many cases, law enforcement is required by the Commonwealth to file an accident report for certain types of incidents. Calling authorities can also strengthen a case because everything is documented. If possible, try to document the accident as soon as possible to gather evidence and information to share with an experienced car accident attorney. This includes:

  • Noting where the car crash occurred, the time of day, and any other pertinent details.
  • Taking photos of both cars or other accident scene details (e.g., if a cyclist or pedestrian was hit in a crosswalk, sidewalk, or other location), including road signs, skid marks, or other useful information.
  • Trying to get contact information from any potential witnesses to the accident.
  • Exchanging contact information with the other party to the accident, including the insurance company.
  • Seeking medical care immediately. Sometimes wounds, such as spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, aren’t always noticeable immediately after a crash; symptoms may emerge in the days or weeks following the accident.
  • If unable to get evidence due to injuries, ask someone else to obtain photos and other critical information before it’s too late.

As soon as reasonably possible after the immediate scene of the accident, consult with an experienced Virginia car accident lawyer and provide them with any documentation that was able to be obtained on-site at the accident that will help to prove the at-fault driver.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost in Virginia?

Many accident victims ask themselves the question of how much does it cost to hire a lawyer to file a claim for a car accident? They often assume it’ll cost them thousands of dollars to file a personal injury lawsuit. As a result, they fear hiring legal representation for their automobile accident because they don’t have the financial resources to pay. Accident victims should never be afraid of hiring a Virginia car accident lawyer to represent them and fight for their rights.

Attorney Steven M. Oser offers his clients free consultations and takes personal injury accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means he only collects a legal fee if his client wins the case and if a motor vehicle crash victim does not win their case, they will not owe any money for legal fees. Clients will not have to pay any out-of-pocket or upfront costs of any kind. 

The bottom line is that accident victims shouldn’t be afraid to hire a Virginia car accident lawyer who will stand with them every step in their personal injury case. Their future depends on calling on the experts to protect them.

How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take?

Victims of car accidents often wonder how long it takes to resolve a personal injury claim. The reality is, each case is unique and will depend upon the circumstances surrounding the accident. A virginia car accident attorney will work diligently to reach a settlement offer, but there is no specified timeframe or guarantee in any personal injury claim. Factors that affect the length of the process include:

  • The complexity of the accident investigation (this usually relates to specific details about the car crash and how it happened; some types of accidents take less time to investigate).
  • The cooperation of the other party’s insurance company; some companies offer fair settlements, but many do not until the victim files a lawsuit.
  • Type of injuries sustained and the length of treatment required for them; this works in a victim’s favor since doctors can better assess ongoing medical treatment required, along with any long-term or permanent injuries, and how these factors will affect the injured party’s quality of life. The more medical records to document a case, the stronger the personal injury claim will be.

If the injury claim can’t be settled and goes to trial, it can prolong the case. However, rest assured; a skilled Virginia car accident lawyer will collect evidence and investigate the case independently to empower them to negotiate fair settlements and avoid a court trial.

When Is It Too Late to Get a Car Accident Lawyer in Virginia?

Under Virginia Code § 8.01-243.A, with certain exceptions, there is a two-year statute of limitations after a personal injury occurs. The clock starts “ticking” on the date of an accident. This law also includes a limit of two years for filing wrongful death claims, which starts on the date of a person’s death. Under Virginia Code § 8.01-243.E, the statute of limitations for civil actions relating solely to property damage is five years.

Victims who wait too long to call an attorney cannot file a case under the Commonwealth of Virginia law and thus will be ineligible to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses. Consulting with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney as soon as possible will protect a victim’s rights when making a car accident claim or if the other party decides to file a case.

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Since 1989, Attorney Steven M. Oser has had years of experience and a strong dedication to protecting the rights of personal injury victims and their family members. He understands the challenges accident victims face in the days, weeks, months, and even years after a motor vehicle crash occurs. He knows victims and their loved ones often face a difficult journey, and he promises to work hard to ensure his clients get the justice and fair settlement compensation they deserve. Many of his clients have provided testimonials to attest to his ability as a Virginia car accident lawyer to satisfactorily settle car accidents and other personal injury claims and get the maximum compensation.

Steven M. Oser, is an experienced personal injury attorney, serving Suffolk, Windsor, Franklin, Ivor, Wakefield, Waverly, Surry, Smithfield, Courtland, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and all of Hampton Roads. He will successfully handle your case.

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