Auto Accidents During the Holiday Season

Car accidents can occur at any time, and they can, unfortunately, result in tremendous financial loss, incredible stress, painful injuries, and even the loss of life. During the holiday season, conditions may be more conducive for a car accident than during some other times of the year. For example, many people drink heavily at holiday parties, so the risk of being hit by a drunk driver is more likely. Winter weather conditions can be perilous, but more people may be out on the roads trying to buy holiday presents, taking a road trip to visit family, and more. You may even find that you or others on the road are more distracted by various things during the holidays. For example, you may have family and friends in the car, or you may be singing along to your favorite holiday songs.

With so many factors at play, you may be one of the many people who are involved in a car accident this holiday season. While there are steps that you can take to improve your ability to stay safe on the road, you also should have a strategic plan to handle events if you are involved in an auto accident.

Protect Yourself Against Car Accidents

You understandably do not want to be in a position where you must file a car insurance claim or hire an auto accident lawyer. Not all accidents can be avoided but taking a few steps may help you to stay safer on the road. Some of the many steps that you may take to improve your level of safety behind the wheel include:

  1. Service your vehicle so that it is in great condition before winter weather arrives.
  2. Avoid driving in inclement weather conditions when possible.
  3. Always drive at a safe speed. Remember that you likely will need to reduce your speed when driving on slick roads or when other hazardous conditions are present. Give yourself plenty of time to travel to intended destinations.
  4. Avoid driving if you have been drinking at all. Once you start drinking, you generally may not be able to determine when you have had too much. Remember that medication for colds and other conditions may also impair your ability to drive safely.
  5. Avoid all types of distractions. For example, ensure that passengers in the car are quiet so that you can concentrate on the road, and keep your smartphone stashed in an unreachable location while you are driving.

How an Auto Accident Attorney May Help After an Accident

These excellent steps may help you to avoid being in an auto accident throughout the holiday season and beyond, and they could also reduce the severity of an accident if you are involved in a collision. Because a possibility of being involved in an accident remains even when you take these steps, you must still have a plan for dealing with the accident. For example, you should ensure that your auto insurance coverage is up-to-date and is as protective as possible. Some drivers have trouble getting a claim processed for various reasons. It is helpful to read consumer reviews about your insurance company to determine if they have a reputation for having a lengthy, stressful claims process. Remember that your auto accident lawyer at Oser Legal may assist you with the claims process if the insurance company is being difficult or if your claim has been denied.

There are other reasons to consult with an auto accident attorney after a car accident. For example, if another party was at-fault in the accident, you may consider filing a civil lawsuit against the driver. A settlement or award from a civil lawsuit may be used to pay for any expenses that insurance proceeds did not cover, to compensate you for pain and suffering, and more. If you were at fault in the accident, you may need to hire a lawyer to defend you in a civil case as well as against criminal charges.

Our attorneys at Oser Legal are available to meet with you. Through a consultation with one of our attorneys, you can learn more about your rights and legal options. We are eager to begin representing you after an accident, so call us today for an appointment.