Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when an injury results from a medical professional’s failure to exercise the level of care, skill, or diligence exercised by other doctors, nurses, or medical technicians with the same or similar training in the same geographic area.

Medical Malpractice

Each year, nearly 80,000 people die as a result of  avoidable medical errors, and hundreds of thousands more patients suffer permanent, disabling injuries at the hands of medical professionals. Unfortunately, most of these medical errors are avoidable. A medical professional has a duty to adhere to the accepted practices of other professionals or medical facilities in the same field and geographical area.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases in Suffolk and surrounding areas arise from a variety of negligent, reckless, and intentional conduct. The most common forms of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis: This can cause patients unnecessary suffering by precluding the opportunity of receiving early treatment that may have saved or prolonged patients’ lives.
  • Lack of informed consent: Medical professionals are required to properly inform patients about the consequences of a medical procedure before asking them to sign a consent form. Lack of informed consent may expose patients to dangers they would have avoided had they been properly informed of the risks associated with the procedure.
  • Surgical errors: Injuries that give rise to medical malpractice may also occur during surgery or childbirth, causing irreparable harm to the patient or child.
  • Medication errors: The improper administration of anesthesia or prescription medication may cause serious health problems or death in patients.

Free Medical Malpractice Attorney Consultation

Steven M. Oser, P.C. has extensive experience representing victims of medical malpractice. He knows that proving medical malpractice requires thorough examination of all aspects of the case. In addition, the testimony of expert witnesses is essential to proving most medical malpractice cases.

Demonstrating that a medical professional breached community standards of medical practice typically requires expert witnesses experienced in the same practice area as the health care provider. Call Steven M. Oser, P.C. at (757) 539-4127 or toll free 1-866-986-1596 today for a free consultation regarding your medical malpractice case in Suffolk and surrounding areas.