Worker’s Compensation Results

$265,000 – Worker’s Compensation Results

Client work as a trucker was hit by a truck onhis own truckers property occurred inside his own work lot. Our office was able to fend off several defenses brought on by the Worker’s Comp. Case took over two years to finish. Client has remained a lifelong client.

$125,000 – Worker’s Compensation Results

Client was involved in a head-on collision as a driver at work in which our client was seriously hurt. Unfortunately the other driver was killed more importantly the client is charged with involuntary manslaughter. Insurance carrier initially denied the claim asserting several legal defenses. After intense litigation the insurance carrier acccepted liability and settled. Steven Oser also represented the client on the manslaughter charge. Rather than except the risk of trial we agreed to plea to (only) reckless driving with suspended time.

$165,000 – Worker’s Compensation Results

For claimant who fell from a roof and was unable to settle the case by himself. The carrier felt that he l wasn’t being truthful about his injuries and was able to continue working after the subject accident. After being retained we engaged in extensive location and work out a settlement to our clients great satisfaction.

$65,000 – Worker’s Compensation Results

Client retained us after insurance denied her claim one what appeared to be a valid defense. Subsequent to intensive litigation and legal research we discovered there was a technical exception to their defense. After we “blew the whistle on them” they quickly settled.

$1.6 million – Worker’s Compensation Results

While at work are client to was attempting to pull off the interstate to join a work crew was rear-ended by an 18 Wheeler. The impact caused his vehicle to go airborne. When he landed miraculously showed no visual injuries. The following day he experienced extreme pain in his back and as result had to have extensive back surgery. The insurance carrier initially denied the claim and asserted many legal defenses. After two years of intensive occasion the personal-injury and the Worker’s Comp. carrier jointly settled for 1.6 million

$185,000 – Worker’s Compensation Results

Claimant was receiving medical benefits but not wage loss benefits at the time she first came to our office. The reason for the consult was her concern about her employer, a highly respected and large employer in the greater Tidewater area, had sent her a letter telling her she must choose between signing a document that would seriously curtail rights under Worker’s Compensation law. The alternative letter gave was that she would be terminated after 60 days. Our office contacted the employer and their legal department after which the employer withdrew the letter and its illegal demands.

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