Personal Injury Results

$125,000 – Personal Injury Results

Personal-injury and malicious prosecution resulting from a bar fight. Client actually came dollars after initially being retained and then soon after being dismissed as a client by one of the “big firms” because the case based many difficulties including the possibility 19 was partially at fault. Steven Oser first, successfully, represented him as defense counsel in criminal court to defend him against the charges of assault and battery brought against him by the people, we would later name as defendants in our case for monetary damages. Not only did we win the criminal case but we were able to show an arsenal case that the criminal charges were shamelessly sworn out in anticipation of the civil case. Even though our client only had about $18,000 in medical bills the effect of the malicious prosecution count and civil case resulted in the six figure settlement.

$25,000 – Personal Injury Results

This is another case that Steven M. Oser, PC took on after the client was signed on and then dropped by one of the “big TV injury firms” because the client appeared to be partially at fault and because the damages did not seem that great- in other words they would really have to work hard and had the potential of not getting very much and return. We engaged in extensive litigation and settled the case for the defendant’ s policy limits of $25,000

$875,000 – Personal Injury Results

A partnership dispute in which our client was the victim of business fraud. This is another case where many big-name attorneys review the file and then decline representation. After a year of extensive litigation, the matter settled.

$1.6 million – Personal Injury Results

While at work are client to was attempting to pull off the interstate to join a work crew was rear-ended by an 18- wheeler. The impact caused his vehicle to go airborne. When he landed he miraculously exhibited no visual injuries The following day he experienced extreme pain in his back and as result had to have extensive back surgery. The personal injury insurance carrier denied the claim and asserted many legal defenses; the most significant one being that our client was partially at fault. After two years of intensive occasion the personal-injury and the Worker’s Comp. carrier jointly settled for 1.6 million

$85,000 Jury Verdict – Personal Injury Results

This was a case where our client had first been turned down by “every lawyer in town”. A very good reason for this is that the client waited an entire year after first going to the doctor to then finally go back to a doctor. Reason he gave was that he was a hard-working man with no health insurance and was just trying to work through the pain but it would not go away. Prior to trial the defense carrier offered $15,000.

$300,000 – Personal Injury Results

Settlement on accident case involving an elderly woman as our client. We settled for the policy limits

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